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Ukraine’s IT
Exports Hit $4.5bn

Global IT firm SoftServe best typifies the kind of software development solutions Ukraine offers

Ukraine’s IT sector is one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. With close to 200,000 IT engineers and thousands of companies providing cutting-edge solutions to foreign clients, the Eastern European nation has earned a sterling reputation as an outsourcing hub and ranks as one of the best countries in the world for software development.

As that reputation has grown so too have Ukraine’s IT exports, which reached $4.5bn in 2018, almost $1bn more than the previous year. In line with current trajectories, the industry aims to grow this figure to $8.5bn by 2025, as an increasing number of businesses worldwide turn to Ukrainian firms to support their shift to Industry 4.0 technologies.

“Local companies in Ukraine have developed great experience in many areas, such as business analysis, software architecture, system architecture and project management,” says Taras Kytsmey, Member of the Board of SoftServe, a homegrown IT firm with a global footprint.

We are approaching potential new clients for Google’s cloud platforms

Yaroslav Lyubinets

chairman of the board of Softserve

“These companies are not just offering a specific service; they can provide full software around the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence,” he adds.

Founded in 1993, SoftServe best typifies the success and capabilities of the Ukrainian IT industry, having grown from a humble local software business to a thriving global giant with 8,000 employees and 30 offices worldwide.

Offering state-of-the-art solutions to its clients for over 25 years, this Austin-headquartered company is currently at the forefront of the latest emerging technologies, and has partnered with iconic US organizations such as Google and Carnegie Mellon.

“We developed methodologies with Carnegie Mellon to use software architecture in education. Even now, Carnegie Mellon uses this approach in their courses,” explains SoftServe Chairman of the Board Yaroslav Lyubinets.

 “Another example is our partnership with Google on Cloud and Big Data,” adds Lyubinets. “Together we are approaching potential new clients for Google’s cloud platforms and also potential new clients for us to provide solutions for those cloud platforms.”

Local companies in Ukraine have developed great experience in many areas

Taras Kytsmey

member of the board of Softserve

In 2013, SoftServe established its Centre of Excellence (COE) in Austin, where today is has some 800 experts – including software architects, designers and business analysts – working together to develop next-level services using Big Data, AI and machine learning.

“What they do is IT consultancy work and defining solutions. At the COE, we are developing methodologies and horizontal solutions that could be used in many verticals,” says Lyubinets.

As Kytsmey points out, SoftServe perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of Ukrainian firms to provide cutting-edge IT solutions and consultancy services that allow them to both solve client challenges and define their needs. “That’s what SoftServe is providing. We are engineers, consultants, advisors and providers.”